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B’Natural Artistry is a city licensed company that specializes in weddings, operating out of Edmonton, Alberta. The company offers bridal glam services for bridal beauties along with beauty spa services specializing in the beautification of the skin and cosmetic skin treatments. Gaganpreet is the master hair stylist and makeup artist at BNatural Artistry. She has been in the makeup industry for over 4 years now. Gagan started BNatural Artistry in 2020! The portfolio is rich in looks ranging from all-out glamour to understated minimal makeup. Gagan is so passionate about her work, and her passion reflects through every look she creates for her clients! Working alongside her, you can craft timeless beauty design for your special day. The artist focuses on bringing professionally polished looks to the clients. She offers a variety of services and uses proven techniques and top-of-the-line products. Whether you desire an intricate updo or cascading curls, the stylist is on hand to help. In addition to makeup and spa services, B’Natural Artistry also offers certification courses for those looking to start their own professional cosmetics journey and personal makeup courses to individuals who want to pursue self-makeup!

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